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When I see a Colby bumper sticker on the highway



GLORY feat. B.I.C | Life Times



Don’t get mad.

But, I hate how you guys can’t post on my blog. But I love how this blog looks. Sigh. Who is more important? Me or you? 



I decided to migrate over here:

Not as pretty, but you can comment! And I’ll learn to make my bliggity cute over there too.



I so want to see this. Who’s with me?!?!



12 Things You Probably Didn't Know about Home Alone

I just love this movie. This and Love Actually are my fav holiday movies BY FAR.

Yum. :)

Yum. :)

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The Home Alone house is for sale!!



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2011 in Review from Google—can you believe this was all in the past 12 months? How is that possible? What a year.



Something that strikes me as true.

You know how sometimes when you read something, it’s the truth? It’s just how it is. Laid out there. In a way that tweaks your heart a little.

This post "How to Live in New York City" did that for me. I suggest if you’re someone who has lived in NYC and left, you should click the link and read. Short, true, and a little sad, because it’s probably true that I’ll never live there again.

"Certain moments of living in the city will always stick out to you. Buying plums from a fruit vendor on 34th street and eating three of them on a long walk, the day you spent in bed with your best friend watching Tyra Banks, the amazing rooftop party you attended on a sweltering hot day in July. These memories might seem insignificant but they were all moments when you looked around the city and felt like you were a part of it all."

I loved that feeling of knowing where something was filmed, of saying “I live there” but now, I’m in Boston and can look back fondly. Great little piece of writing.